Psychiatry & De-addiction centre

In a general hospital setting where the focus is on super speciality and tertiary care, Psychiatry has an important role to play. This area of functioning is known as Consultation Liaison Psychiatry. Here the psychiatrist acts as a consultant to medical and surgical units. Patient in these units may develop secondary problems such as delirium, post operative psychosis etc.; patient may have co-existing psychiatric illness such as major psychosis, which may interfere with the planned management. Patients may also have personality traits or neurotic disorders that may make him non-compliant with the treatment or patients may develop secondary anxiety or depression in reaction to the medical illness, its treatment or unexpected complications. In such conditions psychological treatment is necessary for proper and total patient care.

Besides consultation-liaison psychiatry, the increasing incidence of psychiatric disorders along with the acceptance of treatment methods such as use of antidepressants and counseling brings patients seeking help to the hospital.

The psychiatry OPD at Ford Hospital caters to such needs. Patients with problems such as Depression, Schizophrenia, Anxiety Disorders, Addictions and sexual dysfunctions are offered treatment and Counseling, Drug-Therapy, hospitalization.

The department is headed by our eminent specialist Dr. Amardeep Kumar, one of the leading Psychiatrist in Bihar.