Free Hepatitis B Vaccination provided to Hospital Staff

Worldwide, some 240 million people have chronic hepatitis B virus with the highest rates of infection in Africa and Asia. People with chronic hepatitis B infections are at increased risk of dying from cirrhosis and liver cancer.
Healthcare workers have a high risk of occupational exposure to many blood-borne diseases including HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C viral infections. Of these Hepatitis B is not only the most transmissible infection, but also the only one that is preventable by vaccination. In developing countries, Hepatitis B vaccination coverage among healthcare workers is very low for various reasons, including awareness, risk assessment, and low priority given by the health managements of both government and private hospitals.
As a serious health care player, Ford Hospital and Research Center, Patna organised a free vaccination programme on Hepatitis B for its over 300 staff which included Sr Consultants, Nursing & Paramedical staff, CCU & NICU staff, Security Guard & Front Office.
When we at Ford are free of ailments, we can provide effective health care services to the outside world.

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