World Brain Tumour Day

World Brain Tumour Day is observed on the 8th of June every year with the objective of spreading awareness and educating people about it. Brain tumours are fatal leaving majority of the patients to die within 9 to 12 months of the diagnosis. Every year 40,000 to 50,000 people are diagnosed with brain tumours, out of which 20% are children. There are more than different types of brain tumours that exhibit different symptomatology.
Brain tumour is a condition that occurs when the cells in the brain multiply in an abnormal way or a way that cannot be controlled. The tumour can be malignant meaning it is cancerous or it can be non-cancerous (benign).
We at Ford undertook a host of activities to celebrate this day. Patient Education is one which is key in spreading awareness about this ailment.
Dr Nasib Iqbal Kamali (Neuro Surgery) did a health talk on “ जानें – कैसे समय रहते ब्रेन ट्यूमर का हो सकता है उपचार ’’ & interacted with the audience. A Patient Education Brochure was distributed among them highlighting symptoms, risk factors, types of tumour, diagnosis & treatment. It was followed by a question answer session. Many of the audience participated in this session with utmost keenness.
Over & above, objective of this talk was to spread awareness about it. He further added that when one is faced with this ailment, one should never consult quacks. Instead one must consult a Neuro Surgeon for proper medication.

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